Suburbs to Consider for Nashville Area Wedding Venues or First-Time Homebuyers

If you’re considering Nashville area wedding venues or are looking to buy your first home together in or around Nashville, then you’re in luck! There are many beautiful suburbs to choose from that range in size and price. This blog post will help walk you through the top areas around Nashville for first-time homebuyers! If you want to check out our entire list of suburbs and neighborhoods, keep scrolling down, because this is in alphabetical order!

0 Suburbs Nashville Area Wedding Venues

Antioch, TN
Antioch is a suburb that is around 15 minutes from Nashville, TN. It is a small suburb with some gorgeous homes. There are many popular choices for venues, such as the Antioch Church and the Historic Trousdale House & Gardens, but there are also more private options available if you’re looking to keep things intimate.

Arrington, TN
Arrington is 25 miles south of Nashville, TN. It is an excellent option for those who are looking to have a wedding in the Tennessee countryside. Arrington has some beautiful scenery and farms that can be utilized as photo ops or even outdoor ceremonies.

Arrington also offers plenty of options for dinner, such as farm-to-table restaurants like Cowan’s Creek Country Kitchen.

Belle Meade, TN
Belle Meade is one of the fancier suburbs of Nashville. It’s only about ten minutes outside Nashville. There are plenty of beautiful estates and mansions used as a venue, but with an expensive price tag.

Belle Meade features some delicious dining options like Southern cuisine eatery Caffé Coco & Waffle Bar!

Bellevue, TN
This is one of the fastest-growing Nashville suburbs! Bellevue has a lot of unique and exciting dining options. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the Harpeth River Greenway is your best option! 

Berry Hill, TN
Located south of 8th Avenue South, Berry Hill is treated as a distinct neighborhood of Nashville. It’s considered a popular spot for artists and musicians to reside in.

Berry Hill is also home to the Berry Hill Shopping Center, which houses over 30 shops, including Americana record store Grimey’s! For those who love wine, this area has got you covered with its number of restaurants that offer vineyard tours as well as local wineries.

Brentwood, TN
Brentwood is one of the priciest suburbs of Nashville, located about 15 minutes south of Music City. Brentwood has the most impressive golf courses in town by far, as well as tons of shopping opportunities (boutiques galore!) It has its fair share of bars, too – ask any local where their favorite happy hour spots are, and chances are they’ll say something on or near Old Hickory Blvd.

Bordeaux, TN
One of the fanciest names around Nashville, but without the price tag! Bordeaux, TN, is an excellent community for those looking to live a bit out of the way but still not too far from all that Nashville offers. It’s also home to some excellent wineries!

Crieve Hall, TN
Crieve Hall, TN, is not far from Nashville and has a beautiful community vibe, which is excellent for those looking to have kids and enjoy the outdoors. The schools in this area are fantastic, so you know your children will be well cared for!

Donelson, TN
Fifteen minutes east of downtown, Donelson, TN, is home to the airport. A popular spot for those who want to be close to family as well. It’s also home to Percy Priest Lake, a great place to swim, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

The schools in this area are average at best, so parents should be aware that they may need to invest more time into their child’s education. The community is very close-knit, making for some of the perfect opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones!

East Nashville, TN
East Nashville is a suburb of Nashville that has been reborn over the past decade. East Nashville was historically an industrial area, but now it houses many residential areas in addition to local shops and restaurants. The schools are some of the best in the region, making this old neighborhood great for families who want to have children.

It’s also home to several restaurants like O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar, Ruby’s Diner, and more!

Fairview, TN
Fairview, TN, is home to lots of rural, undeveloped land with lots of potentials! The main attraction is the schools. A high school and two elementary schools offer an exceptional education for families in this suburb of Nashville.

The only downside to living here is that there isn’t any nightlife or entertainment if you don’t want it, but many people find peace within this quiet neighborhood!

Forest Hills, TN
Forest Homes, TN is one of the ritzier neighborhoods, with upscale homes and the famous Green Hills shopping center. The houses are more expensive here, but you’re paying for the luxury.

If you have a family and want to live in a neighborhood that is safe and close enough to all of Nashville’s big attractions, this would be a great choice!

Franklin, TN
Franklin is the largest city near Nashville, and it has a population of around 50,000. It’s also home to many celebrities, including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. This means that you’ll have more shopping options than in Forest Hills or Oak Hill. With Franklin’s proximity to downtown Nashville, commuting shouldn’t be an issue!

Goodlettsville, TN
If you’re looking for a suburban area near Nashville, Goodlettsville is your best bet. The city has been growing over the past few years, and it’s starting to look like Forest Hills or Oak Hill with its big houses and upscale shopping centers! Goodlettsville residents also have one of the shortest commutes into downtown Nashville, which is a perk!

Goodlettsville is also a suburb that’s still growing, so you won’t have to worry about the price of your mortgage skyrocketing. A downside? Goodlettsville doesn’t offer as many touristy attractions for visitors who come to Nashville!

Green Hills, TN
Home to the famous Bluebird Cafe, Green Hills is a suburb full of upscale shopping, high-end restaurants, and beautiful homes. If you’re looking for the perfect area to live in with your family where there’s plenty of space but still close enough to Nashville, that commuting shouldn’t be an issue!

The downside? It can get pretty expensive living here due to the prices of houses.

Hendersonville, TN
If you don’t mind a little commute to Nashville and want to have a lower price on homes, Hendrsonviille is your best bet! It’s a quaint little town, with plenty of restaurants to explore and things for the family to do. The downside? If you’re looking for an urban environment or proximity to Nashville, this is not your spot!

Hermitage, TN
Aptly named after the home of Andrew Jackson, Hermitage is a town with plenty of history and even more parks. This might not be the best place to bring your kids because there isn’t much for them here, but if you’re looking for peace in between Nashville trips? This could be it!

Inglewood, TN
This is a small suburb near Nashville. It has a high population of retirees and is known for its quaint Main Street.

There’s not much to do in this town, but if your goal is to have quiet while still being near the city, then this is your place!

Lebanon, TN
The great thing about Lebanon is that it’s not too far from Nashville. It’s just a short 30-minute drive away! The downside? It’s mostly known for being home to our wedding venue, Legacy Farms (we might be a little biased).

Legacy Farms is the perfect Nashville area wedding venue because it’s not too far from Nashville and has the best all-inclusive packages around.

Madison, TN
Close to Nashville but without the price tag! A lot of the homes here are older, but there is some new construction. It’s a good place for families, with plenty of parks and schools.

And if you don’t want to live in Nashville? This is it!

Mount Juliet, TN
This is a more rural area. There are some subdivisions here, but not much else going on! The homes can be very affordable, and there’s lots of space to grow fruit trees or get your hands dirty in the garden.

If you’re looking for an escape from city living? This might work!

Murfreesboro, TN
This is more of a city than a suburb, with over 120,000 residents and growing! There are many subdivisions here, and the homes can be very new. If you’re looking for a place with more amenities? This is it!

Nolensville, TN
This is a more rural area, but there are some subdivisions here. The homes can be very affordable, and you’ll have plenty of space for your family to grow up in the big yard!

2 Suburbs Nashville Area Wedding Venues

Oak Hill, TN
Most of the homes in this area can reach around 1 million. This is a smaller area, with just about 15,000 residents. One of the best features of Oak Hill is Radnor Lake State Park, which features amazing scenery and trails. Homes in this area are made to be lived-in, with many amenities for families. The houses can take about a year to build, and there’s plenty of room for your family!

This is an ideal location if you want proximity to Nashville without all the hustle and bustle. You’ll have access to great shopping right nearby.

Old Hickory, TN
The homes are very affordable, with some averaging around 200k and others going up to 300k for a single-family home. This is the perfect spot if you want access to restaurants and shopping in the area.

Smyrna, TN
Smyrna is 45 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Nashville. Homes in this area are affordable and range from 100k to over a million. 

This is the perfect location for those who want both Nashville and country living! It’s about 15 minutes away so you’ll have access to big-city shopping without all of the pressure.

Spring Hill, TN
Spring Hill is an affordable option to live in Williamson County, TN. It is a little farther from Nashville, but it has golf courses and horse farms. It’s also an excellent suburb for retirees. If you want the country life without all of the maintenance, this is one of your best options!

Thompsons Station, TN
Thompsons Station has quick access to both I-65 and SR-840, but it’ll take you 45 mins to an hour to get to Nashville from here. It has excellent hiking and biking trails, including Timberland Park.

West Meade, TN
West Meade is a great neighborhood for those who want to live within Nashville. It’s about 15 minutes away from downtown Nashville, and it has some of the best schools in Tennessee!

Whites Creek, TN
Whites Creek is a city in Davidson County, Tennessee. It’s not far from Nashville, about a 10-minute drive, and it’s got some great neighborhoods and parks. It also has a great school district!

3 Suburbs Nashville Area Wedding Venues

Congratulations on your engagement, and congratulations on embarking on the exciting journey of planning for your wedding! Perhaps you’re looking for Nashville area wedding venues, or maybe you’re just starting to think about buying a home together. Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, we want to help make it as easy as possible for you by providing guidance from our own experience living in various parts of the region. If there’s anything we can do to help answer any questions that come up during this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime-we would love nothing more than to make sure everything goes smoothly with all aspects of your big day!