This is how we recommend you get the look you want for your wedding. All it takes is a bit of thought and some smart moves and you’ll have the ceremony of your dreams!

Choose the right venue.

The space you use for your special day is just as significant as the dress, the flowers, and the food. At legacy farms we have plenty of choices not only for your wedding ceremony, but your reception as well. If you want to say I do outside, we have plenty of outdoor options along with several buildings to choose from. Each space we offer has a completely different vibe which makes it nearly impossible for you not to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Choose flowers that fit!

flower vase

Flowers in a glass bottle are fun improvement on a traditional vase.

Be sure that the flowers you’re choosing match the look you want. If you want simple and classy, then arrangements of roses and eucalyptus might blend in better than hydrangeas and blue thistle. Consider the vibe your flowers are bringing to the table before you buy them!

Pick the right colors.

Your colors will lend more atmosphere than you might initially think. By adding pops of color you can pull a theme together or completely tear it apart. We suggest considering the season—oranges and reds might have an awkward presence on a ninety degree day in Nashville, but will fit in perfectly in sixty degree weather in October!

Don’t be one dimensional.

different sized pillar candles

You can never go wrong with height!

We cannot express how important height is. If all of your decorations are flat and on one layer, you will never forgive yourself! By varying the height of décor pieces like candles, candle holders, lanterns, and so on, you can take your look to a new level! Literally! Don’t be afraid to have tall items amidst shorter ones to create a layered look that will not only impress your guests but make for fabulous pictures!

Don’t forget the flames!

floating candles

Floating candles make an excellent choice.

You have to have candles. Candles offer endless options to add flare and sparkle to your look. Whether you decide on varied pillar candles or simple tea lights, these shiny guys are full of personality. You can choose different colors, sizes, shapes, and even scents if you really want to be wild!

Choose versatile items.

flower box

A simple wooden crate makes a great base for a flower arrangement.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a base of simple, classy decorations like lanterns, vases, wooden crates, and candles. With that as your start, you can add in so many extras to reflect your personality and achieve the look you want. Flowers and other add-ons will absolutely pull together a simple, classy base.

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Written by Corinne Noelle