Paddle boarding Nashville is a really unique experience that not many people think of doing when they visit. Nashville is well known for its country music and great southern food, but if you only explored those then you’d be doing yourself a major disservice.

That’s why – in this article we got the folks over at Paddleboard Insiders to show you 7 amazing places that you can explore on a paddle board in Nashville.

Let’s get into it.

radnor lake state park

radnor lake state park

Why Paddle Board in Nashville?

Paddle boarding in Nashville is a blast for a few simple reasons:

  • There Are Scenic Waterways: Nashville’s got some pretty cool spots to paddle, like the Cumberland River and Percy Priest Lake. They’re not just nice to look at—they’re downright stunning.
  • You Can See The City: Imagine cruising along the Cumberland River, taking in the city skyline as you paddle. It’s like a whole new perspective on Music City.
  • There Is Beautiful Nature: But it’s not all city views. There are spots like Percy Priest Lake where you can escape the hustle and bustle and soak up nature’s beauty.
  • Sunsets Are Perfect: And let’s not forget those epic sunsets over Old Hickory Lake. Paddling out as the sun dips below the horizon? That’s what dreams are made of.
  • Relaxation: Plus, there’s something really calming and zen about gliding across the water, surrounded by nothing but nature’s sounds. It’s like therapy, but cheaper.

So yeah, paddle boarding Nashville? Totally worth it.

Here are the locations you’ll want to visit when you’re there:

Cumberland River

Location 1: The Cumberland River

The heart of Nashville isn’t just for music lovers; it’s also a prime spot for a SUP. Gliding along the Cumberland River gives you a front-row seat to some of the city’s best views. You can get a unique view of landmarks like the Nissan Stadium and the famous Nashville skyline. Who says you need a walking tour?

But if you’re not into the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can also paddle in nature when you head further up the river. Plus – the Cumberland River Compact has been eliminating the river’s water pollution problems, so you can see some really nice fish species again.

Insider Tips:

Catch the river in the early morning or during a sunset for a truly magical experience. The water is calmer, and the cityscape looks spectacular against the dusky sky.

Location: Google Maps

Percy Priest Lake

Location 2: Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake is a beautiful lake that is just 10-15 minutes outside of the city center, so it’s a really special location to visit if you want to be in nature. This lake has become a popular fishing spots and you can see lots of people fishing there.

Plus – there are many campgrounds and parks that are available in the surrounding areas so you can easily turn a short visit into a fun camping trip for your friends and family. Just make sure you pack in your paddle board because this location truly is stunning.

Insider Tips:
Keep your eyes peeled because you can easily see deer, herons and other wildlife in the forested regions around this lake.

Location: Google Maps

Old Hickory Lake

Location 3: Old Hickory Lake

If you’re someone that’s newer to paddle boarding Nashville, then Old Hickory Lake is a really nice spot for you because of the wide-open spaces that it is well known for. It’s particularly known for its beautiful sunsets, so consider an evening paddle for a spectacular end to your day.

The local community is friendly, often hosting group paddles that are open to newcomers, so consider talking to the local stores that sell SUPs or browse forums to find the times that they are

Insider Tips:
Use the public access areas which typically have less boat traffic and smoother water, perfect for getting comfortable on your board.

Location: Google Maps

Harpeth River

Location 4: Harpeth River

This location offers a more secluded and relaxed paddle boarding experience, winding through scenic areas with plenty of wildlife. It’s a slower-moving river, which makes it ideal for those looking for a relaxing day on the water without the challenges of strong currents. This means that it is a great spot for beginners and kids love the shallow waters.

Insider Tips:
Choose a short and simple route for your first few outings to avoid getting too tired and to familiarize yourself with handling the paddle board.

Location: Google Maps

Hamilton Creek Park

Location 5: Hamilton Creek Park

This spot is a hub for water sport lovers with its clear waters and a friendly atmosphere. It’s well-equipped for day-long adventures with facilities for picnics and other activities. This park is especially good for those who want to combine paddle boarding with socializing and picnics. So pack in some beer for the day.

Insider Tips:
Go early in the morning when the water is at its calmest and there are fewer people and boats around.

Location: Google Maps

Shelby Bottom Greenway

Location 6: Shelby Bottoms Greenway

This park is located along the Cumberland River, offering a peaceful and natural setting that’s less frequented by large boats and crowds. It’s a great place to connect with nature, watch birds, and enjoy the quiet away from the urban buzz. But seriously – keep an eye out for the birds, you can see woodpeckers, herons and even eagles there. It’s really amazing!

Insider Tips:
Stick to paddling in calm weather conditions and stay within areas marked safe for beginners to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Location: Google Maps

Radnor Lake

Location 7: Radnor Lake

The final destination on our list is Radnor Lake. This is a protected natural area, which means it’s preserved in its pristine state and offers a tranquil paddle boarding experience in a controlled environment. It’s perfect for those who appreciate quiet and are interested in bird watching or simply enjoying untouched natural beauty.

Insider Tips:
Since paddle boarding here is restricted to certain times and areas, make sure to get the appropriate permits and follow all guidelines to ensure a safe and responsible outing.

Location: Google Maps

Best Places To Rent A SUP In Nashville

The best place to rent in my opinion is the Nashville Paddle Company. They have great SUPs, friendly staff and have a wide range of classes and activities. If you’re going to rent from there then consider doing their Full Moon paddle, which is based in Percy Priest Lake.

Here Are The Rental Details:

Price: $30 per hour of rental (for SUP)
Class Price: $45 for an intro class

Address: 2901 Bell Rd, Nashville, TN 37217, United States
Contact Number: +1 615-682-1787


As we wrap up our tour of the top paddle boarding spots in Nashville, it’s clear that this city offers more than just a vibrant music scene and delicious southern cuisine. Each location we’ve explored provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature, embrace tranquility, and even join a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or just starting out, Nashville’s waterways invite you to discover their hidden gems and spectacular views. So grab your paddle board, hit these spots, and experience the beauty of Nashville from the best vantage point—the water.

Remember, every paddle stroke not only brings you closer to nature but also adds a splash of adventure to your life. Happy paddling!

Paddle Boarding Nashville FAQs

What is the best time of year to paddle board in Nashville?

Late spring through early fall is ideal due to the warmer temperatures and stable water conditions.

Do I need a permit to paddle board in any of these locations?

Certain areas like Radnor Lake require a permit. It’s best to check beforehand.

Are there rental facilities available at these locations?

Many of these spots offer rental options, perfect for those who don’t own a board.

How can beginners prepare for their first paddle boarding experience?

Consider taking a beginner class, and always start in calm, shallow water.

What should I do if I encounter wildlife while paddle boarding?

Enjoy the view from a distance, and avoid disturbing the animals. Remember, you’re in their home.