So you’re engaged – congratulations! Amidst all the tears, phone calls, and showing off of your new shiny ring, you might be wondering how long it really takes to plan a wedding. Years? Months? Weeks? At Legacy Farms, we have the down low on wedding planning and we’re here to help you figure out how to have the wedding that you want without spending four years planning it.

Take Time To Be Engaged!

We know it’s hard not to jump into wedding plans the day after he pops the question, but try to resist. If you must have your head in the wedding clouds, a good outlet it browsing Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration before you actually make any concrete plans. We suggest a newly engaged couple take some time to be engaged – just a week or two – and enjoy the attention and excitement before diving head first into wedding plans. Don’t forget, once you’re married you will never be engaged again, so don’t squander your engagement focusing all of your energy on the wedding to come.

Decide How Big You Want Your Wedding

This is an import factor when you start to plan a wedding. Do you plan to invite every neighbor, coworker, and friend you’ve ever had? Is your extended family driving your guest count into the hundreds? For larger weddings, more planning is usually required. If you want to make a day of your event and plan to have a cocktail hour, a plated dinner, first dances in the spot light, and so on, a little more planning is probably a good thing. On the flip side, if you want a four hour wedding from ceremony to send off, six months might be ample time for you and your planner to tie up any loose ends and plan a wedding that is perfect for you and your spouse-to-be.

Are You Flexible?

Your flexibility is something to consider when getting into the planning stage. Some couples come to us with no particular date or time of year in mind, while others insists that it’s April 23rd or nothing. After you decide on a venue, flexibility could potentially interfere with the planning process if the date you want is already booked. So if you have non-negotiable needs for your big day, the sooner you start planning, the better. It takes time to find the right venue, especially if your heart is set on a specific day during wedding season.

Are There Reasons To Rush?


Some couples want to tie the knot as soon as possible for any number of reasons. Some just aren’t that into the wedding thing but are doing it for the sake of their families, while others have actual time constraints such as Military deployment or even pregnancy. If you need to to plan a wedding ASAP, then by all means, start planning now! It’s possible to plan a wedding in any amount of time, especially if the happy couple isn’t picky or particular about dates, times, etc.

The bottom line is that weddings are unique and yours will not be exactly like your best friends. The average time it takes to plan a wedding is usually a year up to 18 months, but we have seen them planned in as little as six months. It depends on the couple’s vision and how elaborate their plans are for the special day. Smaller weddings usually take less planning, but large simple weddings can be planned quickly as well. Whatever you do, don’t forget to hire a real wedding planner to make the process much smoother! Check out our blog post 3 Reasons You Need a Professional Planner for more information!

Written by Corinne Noelle

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