Make Room for the Groom: Making Your Wedding Day About the Groom and the Bride

Real talk men—when you’re planning your wedding it will probably feel like it’s more about your bride than you. From the dress, to the flowers, to the centerpieces, the focal points of weddings might be things that you are less than concerned about. Fear not—it is possible for you to move out of your bride’s shadow and it’s easier than you might think. With just a few simple tricks, making your wedding day about the groom and the bride is simple! Legacy Farms has some tips to help you make sure your style and personality come through in your wedding just as much as your bride’s.

 Let your style show


Groom's men wearing colorful socks

So much personality in one little sock!

As the groom, your outfit might seem secondary to the dress your bride will be in. While it may be true that most eyes will be on her during the ceremony, don’t forget that her eyes will be on you. Don’t think you’re limited by a suit or tuxedo. There are still plenty of ways to express your personality and show off your style. You can slip into a sleek vest or clip on some hip suspenders if that’s the kind of look you like for yourself. Maybe you’re a hat man and want to wear your favorite Fedora or Bowler hat. And if that’s not enough, don’t be afraid to transform your footwear into a statement about who you are. Have you been in Converse since you could walk? Or maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead without your cowboy boots. Either way, shoes are a simple, easy way to make yourself known at your wedding. You can recruit your groom’s men or even your bride to wear matching kicks for a fun, unexpected display of style!

Give Them Your Signature!

green margarita with a straw and lime

Margarita, anyone?

Does your whole family know you’re a margarita guy? Then try having your signature drink or cocktail at your wedding reception. Or better yet, offer His and Hers cocktails so that your guests have more than one delicious drink to choose from. If your wife-to-be is a die-hard gin and tonic gal, but you’re a devoted Jack-and-Coke man, why not have both? That way both of you get a chance to sprinkle a little bit of your personality into your reception.

Have Two Cakes and Eat Them, Too!

A grooms cake shaped like the state of Tennessee

Check out this Tennessee Cake!

One of the easiest ways for a groom to make himself known during his wedding reception is with a cake. After all, that’s what half of the guests came for in the first place. A three-tiered wedding cake is a definite crowd pleaser, but why not have a groom’s cake, too? Having two cakes is a fantastic and tasty way for the bride and groom to both have an equal spotlight at the reception. Maybe your lady love will eat nothing but chocolate, while you’re more of a red velvet fan. With two cakes, there’s no need to compromise! Plus, if you’re not into edible flowers, you can decorate your groom’s cake with whatever you want! Maybe you are obsessed with your favorite sports team or just really love the state you’re from. Are you an avid gamer? Then why not have an X-box cake! The possibilities are endless!

With these few simple tricks,  making your wedding day about the groom is easier than you may have thought. For even more ideas, check out Our 5 Favorite Favors for inspiration on personalizing your wedding favors and making them a reflection of you!


Writing: Corinne Noelle

Photography: Emily Hary Photography,

Ace Photography