Your wedding day is around the corner, and the last minute details are running through your mind, these details may seem like they are tiny in nature but some of the decisions you make within the last few weeks of your planning process can make a world of a difference on your wedding day. Here are our top 5 tips for how to make your wedding day easier on you so you can focus on enjoying your perfect day!


It is essential to have a space where your wedding party can gather and get ready together. Not only does it help to take the nerves off of an exciting day, but it also allows you to have those last moments with your family members of choice and best friends before you spend forever with your new spouse!

Legacy Farms has several options for our clients to utilize as getting ready space. Each of our event spaces have a complimentary bridal suite included but one of our favorite add ons is the Manor. We have several package options to utilize the Manor as your central wedding day hub before your wedding begins that are always worth exploring.


One of the things we see happen way to often, is forgetting to eat BEFORE the wedding! There is so much going on the day of this can be very easy to do. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and please make sure to have snacks for you and your wedding party to nibble on while you get ready. Especially, if you are enjoying mimosas or cocktails prior to your ceremony. We also recommend adding on a mimosa or champagne toast before your ceremony begins! Your nerves will be settled and the party can really begin!


We know the time has come to crunch numbers and make sure your wedding budget is in check, but do not skimp out on these last few details! Make sure you hire a professional hair and makeup team to assist you and your wedding party on the day of. Most of the time, a trial run of both will be done prior to your wedding day so you and your professional artist can collaborate on the best look to choose. Your wedding day is not a day that should be full of mysterious surprises especially when it comes to how you want to look walking down the aisle.


Whether it is a massage, prayer & meditation, diffusing essential oils, or a morning jog, ask yourself what do I normally do to relax on a day to day basis and make sure you prioritize that on your wedding day! There is nothing too EXTRA about making sure you have time to relax on your wedding day.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! The details matter. The logistics of the day matter. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional wedding planner to not only plan those logistics out for you but execute them on the day of. There is no reason you should be having to do anything but relax on your wedding day when you have a coordinator taking care of everything for you. Legacy Farms packages have not only a professional wedding planner built into them, but a day of coordinator to be present for each and every need our clients have on the day of their wedding.

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