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Welcome to Legacy Farms, where you’re invited to explore eight incredible wedding ceremony rooms and reception locations, each offering its unique charm and ambiance. Whether you envision exchanging vows in an elegant indoor chapel or saying “I do” surrounded by the beauty of nature in our scenic outdoor spaces, we have the perfect venue to bring your dream wedding to life. With a variety of options to choose from, the possibilities are endless at Legacy Farms.

Address: 8061 Murfreesboro Rd Lebanon, TN 37090

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Our Ceremony and Reception Spaces

With expertise in organizing weddings and events, especially those centered around delicious, homemade cuisine and the gathering of loved ones, we excel at curating unforgettable experiences. Our commitment is to craft a uniquely tailored event on our picturesque 22-acre farm, ensuring every detail reflects your vision and desires, weaving a touch of magic into each moment.

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The Event Center

The Event Center has undergone renovations to embody an intimate, southern ambiance, making it an ideal setting for various occasions such as wedding receptions, corporate functions, banquets, or public events. It boasts a covered patio for cocktail hours and houses an indoor chapel known as The Loft.

Key Features:

  • Scenic views of the Courtyard, Pier, and Pond
  • Maximum capacity of 320 guests
  • Pricing available upon registration

Ceremony Sites:

  • Event Center Loft & Chapel
  • Event Center Courtyard
  • Event Center Downstairs Space
  • The Pier at the Event Center

Reception Sites:

  • Event Center
  • Event Center Courtyard (also suitable for Cocktail Hour)

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Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall presents a distinctive indoor venue flooded with natural light, enhanced by windows and sliding barn doors. The Courtyard offers an enchanting outdoor setting for ceremonies, complemented by a scenic side lawn adorned with an oak tree and sprawling fields.

Key Features:

  • Views of the Courtyard and Lawns
  • Maximum capacity of 300 guests

Reception Sites:

  • Heritage Hall

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Our Antebellum Manor

The Antebellum Manor seamlessly combines 1800s elegance and charm with modern conveniences. It boasts two picturesque lawns ideal for ceremonies or stunning photography backdrops. This historic vintage-style mansion offers various amenities, including private verandas, seven fireplaces, an outdoor balcony, and ten bedrooms and bathrooms.

Key Features:

  • Courtyard Views
  • Maximum Capacity: 50 guests

Ceremony Site:

  • Outside the Manor

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Outdoor Grounds

Discover our four enchanting outdoor spaces at Legacy Farms, each exuding its unique charm. The bridge sets a romantic scene for vows with its picturesque backdrop, while the pier offers tranquility beside the serene pond, perfect for ceremonies or cocktail receptions. The courtyard, featuring a beautiful fountain, adds an elegant touch to outdoor gatherings. For a vintage vibe, our iconic billboard creates nostalgic photo opportunities. Whether amidst natural beauty or capturing timeless moments with the vintage billboard, Legacy Farms brings your wedding vision to life in the perfect setting.

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Planning Your Wedding: Essentials For A Seamless Day

Timeline Tips

When it comes to orchestrating your event, with precise timing, whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or any special occasion, having a well-organized schedule is essential for ensuring a seamless day. Here are some tips to simplify your timeline and make both events run smoothly:

  1. Start Early: Begin planning your schedule well in advance to allow ample time for coordination and adjustments.
  2. Prioritize Tasks: Identify the most critical elements of your event and prioritize them in your timeline. This might include vendor arrivals, setup times, and key moments like speeches or presentations.
  3. Allow Buffer Time: Build buffer time into your schedule to account for any unexpected delays or last-minute changes. This will help alleviate stress and keep things on track even if there are minor hiccups along the way.
  4. Communicate Clearly: Make sure all involved parties are aware of the schedule and their respective responsibilities. Clear communication is key to ensuring everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.
  5. Delegate Tasks: Assign specific tasks to trusted individuals or members of your team to help execute the schedule effectively. Delegating responsibilities will help lighten your load and ensure that all aspects of the event are covered.
  6. Stay Flexible: While it’s essential to have a detailed schedule in place, it’s also important to remain flexible and adaptable. Be prepared to make adjustments as needed based on changing circumstances or unforeseen challenges.

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Deciding Your Dress Code

Deciding on the dress code for your wedding can be an important decision that can add to your overall theme and vibe. Here’s a breakdown of common dress codes and what they entail:

  1. Casual: For casual events, think relaxed and comfortable. Opt for casual attire such as jeans, t-shirts, sundresses, or khakis. Avoid anything too formal or overly casual, such as gym wear or beach attire.
  2. Business Casual: Business casual strikes a balance between professional and relaxed. Men can wear slacks or chinos with a button-down shirt or polo, while women can opt for a dress or blouse with slacks or a skirt. Avoid jeans, shorts, or overly casual tops.
  3. Cocktail: Cocktail attire calls for semi-formal attire with a touch of elegance. Men typically wear a suit and tie, while women can opt for a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top. Avoid overly casual or formal attire, such as jeans or ballgowns.
  4. Black Tie Optional: Black tie optional events allow for a range of formal attire. Men can choose between a tuxedo or a dark suit with a tie, while women have the option of a formal gown or a dressy cocktail dress. Avoid casual attire or anything too informal.
  5. Black Tie: Black tie events are the epitome of formal attire. Men should wear a tuxedo with a bow tie, while women should opt for a formal gown or evening dress. Avoid anything less formal, such as suits or cocktail dresses.
  6. White Tie: White tie events are the most formal of all. Men should wear a tailcoat with a white bow tie, while women should opt for a full-length formal gown. Avoid anything less formal, such as tuxedos or cocktail dresses. You can add a unique touch for your big day by customizing attire for the wedding party and guests. Not only does this create memorable keepsakes, but your loved ones will appreciate these one-of-a-kind items. With Printful, you can easily make your own shirt, ensuring that everyone feels part of the celebration.

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Make the Most of Tennessee

We’ve created this helpful map so you can make the most out of your wedding day (or weekend!) at our venue near Nashville TN. Explore the local attractions, do some sightseeing, and try a new restaurant!

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Reviewed on 6/13/2022 by Kaitlyn M.

Future brides!!! You can stop your search for a wedding venue now because you have stumbled upon the most perfect gem! My husband and I got married at Legacy Farms in June 2022 and I can’t say enough good things about the venue, the staff, and everything in between! Amy was our wedding planner and Pricilla was our day-of coordinator and when I say they thought of EVERYTHING… not to mention they helped us plan our whole wedding via Zoom from Illinois! Our officiant, Ralph, who was recommended by Amy, was so personable that our family and friends thought he had known us since we were kids (we only met him in the planning process)! Our DJ, Kelly, was included in the package and he killed it! He announced each event of the night and at the reception he read the room so well that the dance floor was NEVER empty! They set aside appetizers so we didn’t miss out while taking photos, we got sent home with to-go meals, and Amy packed our getaway car! In summary, my husband and I did not have to think or worry about anything on our big day except to be excited about the reason we were there; to get married! If I could shout this venue out from the rooftops, I absolutely would! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Legacy ❤️

Reviewed on 2/02/2020 by Barb J.

Our event last weekend at Legacy Farms was absolute perfection. From the first meeting with their planner – where she assuaged my worries about needing to plan much of my daughter’s wedding from a distance – to the delicious French toast we lingered over at the B&B on the morning after, happily reminiscing already about all the details of the ceremony and reception, our experience was terrific. Firstly, the property is so beautiful, and even though we knew we wouldn’t partake fully of the outdoor areas because it was January, we loved being able to welcome our guests to such a special place. The indoor spaces, lit with lots of candlelight, were the perfect mix for us – rustic, warm, and cozy but also elegant enough to feel like a true wedding celebration worthy of such a momentous event. We were guided expertly throughout the planning with decisions regarding food, flowers, and decor, and also the details of how every part of the ceremony and photos and reception would unfold. After the fact it feels like every one of their suggestions that we took turned out to be better than we even dared to hope! Having the ceremony and reception in two spaces in the same location made things so easy for us, and our guests. The planning staff kept things moving so smoothly on the day of the wedding we barely had to keep track of anything at all and could just soak it all in. The food was delicious, plentiful, and we loved the variety and flexibility provided by the buffet style “stations” we had chosen. The DJ who works regularly with the venue was a friendly, personable, and talented master of ceremonies who kept the flow moving throughout the night. A handful of our closest friends and family stayed two nights with us in the beautiful historical bed and breakfast right on the property, which was so comfortable – several guests commented on their beds in particular! – and of course incredibly convenient. We loved relaxing by the fire for a while with the groom’s parents after the reception – one final perfect detail! Many thanks to our wonderful host, our attentive, reassuring, and meticulous planner, and every last member of their staff!

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FAQs: Celebrating Love in Style!

What does Legacy Farms have to offer?



Getting Ready Suites

3 separate Ready Rooms to ensure that everyone has their own space to get ready

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will be with you from the beginning stages through to your wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator

Your coordinator is there for a seamless ceremony, making sure everyone gets down the aisle at the right time, in the right order


Onsite culinary team with professionally trained executive chef. Your guests enjoy the freshest food!


All professional waitstaff included for setup/service and cleanup. No work for you or your VIPs

Parking and Attendant

Complimentary parking, parking attendants, and golf carts are available to assist guests

Photo Booth

Freestanding booth with attendant – you’ll receive a scrapbook with a copy of all photos

Wedding Cake

Onsite pastry chef — no delivery fees! Cake is not mandatory – you can choose your favorite dessert to share with your guests.

Cake Decorations

Several different setup plans available – no cake cutting fee, cake servers included, cake stands included

Dishes, Glassware, Barware

Eco-friendly china, flatware and glassware

Catering Display Equipment

No outside rentals are needed for your menu. All catering equipment and display items are here on-site

Linens and Napkins

Choose from many color options at no extra charge!


We offer farmhouse, rectangle, and different-sized round tables


Ceremony, cocktail hour, and and reception (includes mics for ceremony and reception)


Fresh flowers for your bouquets and boutonnieres

Dance Floor lighting

Wireless LED lights for your dance floor – colors completely customizable


Ceremony pews, white wooden, brown wooden folding, chameleon metal padded

Decorative lighting

String lights at the Pier, Heritage Hall, and the Patio of the Event Center

Decor – large items

Arches, arbors, gazebos, wagons, multiple bar styles, draping, and more for you to choose from

Decor – tabletop items

Over 3,000 items to choose from – Candles, runners, and other decor items

Vintage Furniture

Create conversation areas and unique vignettes to display, great for photos

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What features should one consider when selecting a reception location?

When selecting a reception location, there are several features and factors to consider to ensure it meets your needs and preferences:

  1. Capacity: Choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your guest list. Ensure that the space is neither too small, leading to overcrowding, nor too large, which may feel empty.
  2. Location: Consider the location of the venue in relation to the ceremony site, accommodations for guests, and transportation options. Additionally, assess the accessibility of the venue for all guests, including those with mobility needs.
  3. Ambiance: Evaluate the ambiance and style of the venue to ensure it aligns with the overall aesthetic and theme of your wedding. Whether you prefer a rustic barn, a modern loft, or a scenic outdoor setting, select a venue that reflects your vision.
  4. Amenities: Review the amenities offered by the venue, such as catering services, bar options, audiovisual equipment, and bridal suites. Choose a venue that provides the necessary facilities and services to host your reception seamlessly.
  5. Flexibility: Look for a venue that offers flexibility in terms of customization options, layout configurations, and vendor choices. This allows you to personalize the space and create the wedding experience you desire.
  6. Reviews and Recommendations: Research the reputation of the venue by reading reviews from previous clients and seeking recommendations from friends, family, or wedding professionals. Pay attention to feedback regarding service quality, responsiveness, and overall experience.
  7. Weather Contingency Plans: If selecting an outdoor venue, inquire about weather contingency plans in case of inclement weather. Ensure the venue has indoor alternatives or provisions for tenting to accommodate unexpected changes in weather conditions.

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What should my ceremony and reception setup look like?

The wedding ceremony typically features an altar, chuppah, or focal point where the couple exchanges vows, surrounded by seats for guests divided into two sections to create an aisle. Conversely, the wedding reception setup should include tables and chairs for dining, with a designated head table for the couple, along with a dance floor for celebrating.

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Is there a set time length that differentiates receptions from ceremonies?

While no set time length strictly differentiates receptions from ceremonies, there are general guidelines based on typical practices:

  • Wedding ceremonies tend to be shorter in duration, usually lasting around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the specific rituals and traditions involved.
  • Receptions, on the other hand, are typically longer in duration, spanning several hours. They often include time for dining, socializing, dancing, and other festivities.

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Does Legacy Farm have separate ceremony and reception locations?

Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with separate locations for both your ceremony and reception, eliminating the need for any last-minute “flips.” This ensures that your wedding timeline flows seamlessly without any downtime for your guests. Plus, there’s no need to worry about extra chair rentals or the hassle of relocating guests – we’ve got all the chairs you need in place. With separate ceremony and reception spaces, your guests can easily transition from one location to the next, allowing you to focus on capturing beautiful photos and enjoying each other’s company. And don’t fret about unpredictable weather – we’ve got a backup plan ready to go, discussed and finalized with you well in advance.

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Hosting both your ceremony and reception at Legacy Farms ensures a seamless and stress-free wedding experience. With separate locations for each, there’s no need for inconvenient transitions or extra chair rentals. You and your guests can enjoy the beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces and elegant indoor reception venues, knowing that every detail has been carefully planned to create unforgettable memories. From the picturesque surroundings to the attentive service, Legacy Farms provides the perfect setting for your special day, rain or shine.