5 Benefits to Staying Overnight at Tennessee Wedding Venues

Why an overnight stay is the best choice for you and your guests when browsing Tennessee wedding venues

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Some Tennessee wedding venues offer overnight accommodations while others don’t. And if you’ve been searching for Tennessee wedding venues, you’ve probably considered whether you want to have an overnight stay at your venue or not.

Legacy Farms is a charming, all-inclusive outdoor wedding venue in Tennessee that offers overnight accommodations to wedding couples and their guests. But if you’re on the fence about having you and your wedding guests spend the night, here are some benefits to consider and help you decide.

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1. You Won’t Have to Drive (or Be Driven) Somewhere Else When the Reception is Over.

At the end of your long, enjoyable (yet exhausting) wedding day, the last thing you’ll want to do is get into a car and drive to your wedding night accommodation. By staying overnight at your wedding venue, you’re just steps away from your bed. And nothing is more anticlimactic to the best day of your life than sitting in the car waiting to arrive at your accommodations. The short distance between your reception and the fluffy comforter and soft, cotton linens makes staying in a suite one of the most popular options for newlywed couples looking to relax, unwind and enjoy their first night together as a married couple.

Many Tennessee wedding venues don’t offer overnight accommodations, and we’re proud to have that option for our wedding couples and their guests.

And if You’re Staying the Night Before Your Wedding Instead of on Your Wedding Day…

You get to choose to stay the night before your wedding or the night of your wedding at Legacy Farms, which many Tennessee wedding venues don’t offer. And if you choose to stay the night before, there are lots of benefits for you. For one, you and your guests can go right to your rooms after your rehearsal dinner. So if you’ve all had a bit to drink, you won’t have to coordinate Ubers, Taxis, or designated drivers, or pay for transportation to get home — you can walk right to your bed.

On the morning of your wedding, there’s no driving, waiting in traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances that can prevent you from getting to the venue on time. You can relax after breakfast (keep reading to learn about our breakfast) and take your time getting ready for your wedding.

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2. Whether you choose to stay the night before or on your wedding night, you’ll save time and money.

As well as saving time by staying over at your wedding venue, you also save money. There’s no need to shell out for transport from your wedding venue to your wedding night accommodation. Plus, coordinating and relaying room block information to your guests is time-consuming. Room blocks can be frustrating, create issues, and add more stress that you don’t need to your wedding planning? Just check out this thread here to read about wedding couples frustrated by wedding blocks. 

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3. You’ll Be Able to Sneak In Some Moments Together.

Between the ceremony, reception, and people stopping to congratulate you and offer you kind words, there’s not much time on your wedding day for you and your spouse to enjoy privately. If you stay at a venue that doesn’t offer accommodations, you wouldn’t have a private sanctuary to sneak off, just the two of you. And there may be a few moments during your wedding day – whether you feel passionate, overwhelmed, anxious, or thrilled – that you and your partner will be longing for a quick break from your celebrations. Staying overnight and having onsite accommodations means that you have your private sanctuary to escape to at any time to digest your special day together.

In addition to this, staying on-site at your wedding venue means you can dance the night away with your guests. By sleeping overnight, you can ultimately strike the right balance between spending time with your guests on your wedding day and stealing a few moments together as newlyweds.

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4. Your Guests Don’t Have to Worry About Getting Home.

Tennessee wedding venues with accommodations allow your guests to let their hair down since their bed is just a few steps away. And they can fully relax and enjoy your reception (especially if there are a few cocktails involved!) without having to worry about walking any further in their heels or coordinating a ride home or to their accommodation.

Staying overnight at your venue is a much better option than booking hotel room blocks. It’s no secret that wedding guests don’t love room blocks. Often, hotels charge even more for room blocks than just booking online. There are lots of threads and forums about this online. Make your guests have a seamless experience by giving them the option to stay overnight at our wedding venue.

When you take a tour at Legacy Farms, we’ll show you the accommodation options available for you and your guests. When you are touring other Tennessee wedding venues, pay close attention to what they are offering and any hidden fees or unwanted surprises. For example, hotels often charge corkage fees, external vendors fees, power drop charges, and overtime.

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Did We Mention that Breakfast is Included?

After wake up (or hit snooze a few times), get dressed and come downstairs to a delicious buffet-style breakfast cooked in-house by our kitchen staff! We think it’s the most savory way to start your day.

Instead of having to scramble to book a breakfast or brunch at a separate location, which takes time, effort, and money, you can have breakfast at the venue. When you start touring Tennessee wedding venues, be sure to check if they’ll serve you and your guests a delicious in-house breakfast!

5. Final Thoughts: Overnight Accommodations are a Thoughtful Touch

When browsing Tennessee wedding venues, consider one that has ample accommodations onsite or nearby is a thoughtful consideration not only for you but also for your closest guests. Plus, the more, the merrier! Make your first night together extra special with an overnight stay.

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