Legacy Farms is not just a place for weddings. From business conferences to wellness retreats, we have all your bases covered no matter the nature of event you’re looking to have. Our eclectic collection of buildings each with a unique and individualistic atmosphere offer all the choices you could possible need for any function. Are you having a family reunion? Bring the whole gang to our event center where there’s tons of space for you to catch up. Looking for a space to have a medieval themed anniversary party? Try the historic manor house that’s full of history and mystery! Or maybe you need a place to have your annual Halloween Party. Let us blow your mind and create some spooky Halloween fun for you and your friends or coworkers.

Check Out This Alice In Wonderland Themed Halloween Party!

alice in wonderland food

Eat Me, Drink Me!

When you choose Legacy Farms for your Halloween Party, you’re choosing the best. Our skill and attention to detail isn’t just for weddings. Don’t believe us? Just look at these pictures of our themed Halloween party. From the tea pots, to the food, to the costumes, you feel like you’re in Wonderland just by looking at the pictures!

Try Not To Be Impressed By These Halloween Party Costumes!

If the ambiance isn’t enough, take a look at these costumes worn by the guests of our themed party. If you needed Halloween inspiration, look no further!

Don’t Forget the Food!

If commitment to a theme is what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place. Our in-house catering team will take your party to the next level. No Alice in Wonderland party is complete without appetizers saying Eat Me, Drink Me! Full disclosure–we couldn’t get the snacks to actually shrink and enlarge people. But don’t be too bummed out–they were still delicious!

Written By Corinne Noelle

Abigail Volkman Photography

Morgan G Photography