Our team has been working to plan for your event.  While we know there are so many changes on a frequent basis, we have some resources and information available below for you to read. Legacy Farms and A Catered Affair has been following all federal, state, and local recommendations as well as communicating with our local health department and professional organizations.  We want to create a safety plan that is responsible and logical.

For many of our clients in the late summer and fall – these guidelines that are present today may not be required in the future.  All of us felt it was important to share our current plans so that you are fully aware of what we are doing at this moment in time.  We will continue to stay abreast of updated CDC recommendations as well as mandates from the Governor and other local officials as we plan your events. We want to do our part so that you and your guests feel safe when you arrive at our facility and are served by our team.

Event Safety Plan Standards

  1. All team members will be required to remain at home if demonstrating signs/symptoms of illness, including but not limited to, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, or nausea.
  2. Any team members that arrive at work displaying the above symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  3. All team members will complete a health screening survey at the beginning of each shift.
  4. All team members will remove all personal belongings ( keys, cell phones, jewelry/watches) and place them in designated storage areas.  No personal belongings will be permitted in production areas
  5. All team members will continue to wash hands prior to beginning work and in between task
  6. All team members will wear masks at all times.   Team members will wear gloves at all times when handling food, glassware, dishware, barware, and gloves are changed if torn, contaminated when switching tasks, and in specified intervals
  7. All team members must maintain mandated social distancing measures
  8. Touchless Sanitizer stations will be present at entryways.  Sanitizer dispensers are now also installed in restroom facilities

Event Service Protocols

  1. All floor plans will be adjusted to current “maximums approved” as recommended by CDC or approved by local and state governments.
  2. We will follow local, state, and federal guidelines for maximum capacity that is in effect on your event date.
  3. Tables will be set 6 ft apart and limited to 6 guests per table unless the table is a family group who reside together.
  4. Cocktail tables will be set 6 ft apart
  5. All self-service food and beverage offerings are discouraged until further notice.
  6. At this time, we are following current recommendations similar to restaurants
  7. All previously sold self-service food and beverage offerings will be recommended to adjust to a staffed served meal or other option.  At this time,
  8. Passed appetizers will continue to be offered, these items will be served in individual portions in their own vessel.
  9. No plate, vessel or glass will be reused or refilled
  10. Service items on the table which are typically communal – water pitchers, carafes, salt and pepper shakers, sugars, creamers will be brought out upon request, served in individual portions and removed by the server.  Each item will be sanitized after use.
  11. Hi-touch areas will be sanitized frequently during your event using an EPA approved disinfectant
  12. Signage will be present to remind guests of social distancing, face-covering, and handwashing recommendations.

Event Planning and Visit Protocol

  1. Team members will inform clients that we are now a handshake free organization
  2. Hand sanitizer will be placed at venue entrances as applicable
  3. Event Planners will provide all clients the option of virtual consultations and venue visits via Zoom, Facetime or other virtual meeting software familiar with both parties
  4. All consultations will take place in spaces that allow an appropriate amount of distance based on the number of guests and team members will maintain social distancing
  5. Hand sanitizer will be available for team members and guests to use on-site tours as needed
  6. Meeting surfaces will be sanitized after in-person consultations and meetings
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