Inside an Intimate Wedding: Is a Smaller Wedding Better for You?

In the midst of planning your wedding, one area proves to be a challenge for many couples: the guest list. The question of who to invite and who not to lingers over the heads of brides and grooms everywhere. This can be a source of stress for many couples, but at Legacy Farms we think you should relax, take a breath, and ask yourself one question: is a smaller wedding better for you? If you’re not sure, read on and we will give you a look inside an intimate wedding so you can decide if bigger is actually better.


chocolate and fruit bar

A fun fruit and chocolate bar is just one example of what you can do with extra money!

Let’s talk budget. Regardless of how much you are willing and able to spend on your wedding, the smaller your guest list, the more you can put toward food and entertainment. If there is a band you absolutely love but cannot afford with a two hundred person guest count, maybe think about crossing your former neighbor off the list. No matter how many people you do invite, feeding people takes money. The fewer mouths at your wedding reception means more food to go in them, and possibly a few extras and treats that wouldn’t be on the menu at a bigger wedding. When considering your budget, take into account the little things like table linens and centerpieces. These aren’t free, and the more guests at your wedding, the more tables, chairs, linens, and decorations you need.

wedding reception guest table with plates and centerpiece

This design is stunning, but not free!

Intimate Environment

When there are two hundred people at your wedding, it’s hard to get a chance to mingle with everyone. You might manage to make a single pass around the room and give everyone a quick smile and hello, but that’s probably as far as you’re getting with a guest count that high. If you opt for a small wedding, the ceremony and reception will have a more intimate feel–not only for you and your new spouse, but for your guests as well. You can enjoy actually talking to every single person at your small celebration, and won’t feel pressured to squeeze in a hug and hello for everyone.


Destination Weddings

If you are planning a destination wedding, then smaller is likely going to be better. When traveling, even if budget isn’t an issue, trying to nail down plans for all of your guests can be hard. Traveling is often difficult for people, especially those with tight, inflexible schedules or with young children. Many guests could end up canceling last minute, and that means you spent money you cannot get back. Only inviting a few people who you know for sure will be able to attend your destination wedding means no money wasted.


Writing: Corinne Noelle

Photography: Nashville Wedding Collection, Tim Duggan Photography, Zack and Sarah Photography