Flowers are part of every wedding and are crucial to achieving the kind of look you want. Whether it’s classy, whimsical, or timeless, flowers take your decor to the next level. The colors you choose are just as significant as the kind of flowers, particularly when it comes to the bouquets. At Legacy Farms, we love to see a few extra surprises thrown into a bride’s bouquet. To help you get inspired, check out our top pointers on how to make a wedding bouquet unique and eye-catching!

Baby’s Breath
brides bouquet with sunflowers and baby's breath

The baby’s breath accents the color of the bouquet without drawing attention

This one should be obvious. Baby’s breath has a traditional look and feel, and it is certainly not uncommon to see this beautiful little gal adorn a bouquet or flower arrangement. We love this one because it goes with basically any flower and any color. It is a great addition to more colorful arrangements. The simplicity of baby’s breath doesn’t overshadow the main event of your bouquet, and it’s super easy to come by. This one is a great option if you’re looking for something classy to add to your wedding flowers.

Billy Balls

This bouquet is so fun and colorful and the billy balls really make it pop!

Billy balls are as versatile as baby’s breath, but their color and unique look gives them a more whimsical appearance. A few of these gorgeous little guys in a bouquet really make the colors pop and come to life. We love to see Billy Balls within colorful, vibrant flower arrangements, but they do well with simple designs too. The best part is, these things last forever! If you decide to keep a few after the wedding, they will serve as a cute reminder of your special day for quite a long time!

a bouquet of flowers and ferns for a bride

These ferns pull together this colorful arrangement while keeping it classy and sophisticated.

This is one that we don’t see that often. Ferns have a distinct look and pass that distinction on to a bouquet. They are classy and unique, and a few simple leaves is enough to pull your bouquet together and create a gorgeous, eye catching look as you walk down the aisle. Don’t underestimate the power of Ferns. As an unusual addition to a flower arrangement, they will certainly capture the attention of your guests.

wedding bouquet with berries inside

The blue adds some flare to this bouquet without making it too busy!

This one might not occur to everyone, but berries add so much personality to a bouquet. The color options are convenient, especially if you opt for a simple color palette for your flowers. You can find them in blue, purple, pink, and just about any color you could want! They are especially gorgeous for a Christmas wedding and can offer much needed contrast to any color scheme.

These are just a few ideas on how to make a wedding bouquet that complements your style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and do something original with your bouquet! You can use succulents, greenery, or even herbs if you want a little extra scent in your flowers! Use your imagination!

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Written by Corinne Noelle