When you hear the word bar you probably think of drinks–beer, wine, maybe a cocktail. What if we told you there are tons of ways to have an exciting and creative wedding reception bar that offers more than just alcohol? A bar is a typical accessory at a wedding, and there is nothing wrong with a traditional beer, wine, and liquor bar at your reception. But why stop there? There are so many ideas for bars that will add fun and unexpected flavor to your special day!


Aside from the obvious food bars like a taco bar, there are so many creative and unique ways to create delicious food bars for your wedding. You can have a popcorn bar, a fondue bar, or any kind of bar you can think of! If there is a special food that you adore and would love to have at your reception but it takes some assembly, like a s’more, what better way to experience that delicious treat than with a bar?! With all the ingredients ready and waiting, you and your guests can make those tasty treats however you like them, and eat however many you want!


There are so many options for beverage bars at your wedding. You can do a lemonade bar with different flavors, or even a margarita bar! You and your guests can fix your scrumptious drinks exactly how you want them! Are you a die-hard coffee nut? Have a coffee bar–and be creative! You can have different roasts, different syrups, different creams and even different biscotti for dipping! Come on, be original! What could be better than a hot cocoa or apple cider bar if you have a fall or winter wedding? You can warm your guests and enjoy a nice treat while you’re at it!


Themed bars are an excellent choice and the ideas never end. Especially if you have a theme wedding devoted to your favorite book, movie, play, etc. We had one couple do a Harry Potter themed wedding at our venue, and for their dessert bar they did all Harry Potter sweets! There were tons of cute references to the books, and the bar added so much style to their reception!


Don’t be afraid to be random! You can set up a bar for just about anything. Do you and your fiance enjoy a nice cigar every now and then? What could be better than a cigar bar to share with your guests? Are you a whiskey connoisseur? How about a whiskey bar for your guests to sample and compare your favorite brands? You can even have a bar for your wedding favors! Check out our favorite wedding favors for ideas!

Think about the things you love and the things that make you unique. Then make a bar out of it! Not only will it be a nice, interactive surprise for your guests, but the pictures will be fantastic. A well thought out design will add style and flare to your reception, and create a lasting impression on the people you choose to share your special day with.

Writing: Corinne Noelle

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