Matching on your wedding day is a cute way to show your symbiotic relationship with your significant other. Read this blog to learn about a few different ways you can match and make your guest’s hearts melt.


Mr. and Mrs. Wedding rings that match

This carrying case is a nice addition to these coordinating rings.

If you’re looking to have some coordination at your wedding, you might be wondering how a bride and groom can match each other without it being silly or tacky. Our top answer is so simple! Since rings are going to make an appearance at some point on your wedding day, they are an easy way to match your new spouse without adding anything extra. A simple, classy wedding band that’s stylish for men or women makes for a effortless, adorable way to match your new husband or wife. If matching is something that you want to do just for fun or for the pictures but you don’t want to go over-the-top, rings are a fantastic option. It’s something people won’t even notice unless it’s pointed out, so it’s not flashy or attention grabbing. Matching rings are for sure a good option for those couples who want to match after the wedding and honey moon are over.


bride and groom matching converse shoes

Such a great picture to go with a great way to match each other!

Shoes are another subtle but stylish way to match each other. Of course you can go so far as to actually have matching shoes, like the couple who both wore converse to their ceremony. (How adorable is that?!) However, if you’re on the look out for something a bit less eye catching you can always match shoe color or socks instead.


Matching colors is a wonderful way to get creative. A bride can match her earrings to her groom’s tie, or her shoe color to his vest. You can even have a bouquet color pallet that matches the tie or vest of your husband-to-be. Heck, why stop there? Your eye shadow can match anything! These low key ways to coordinate are perfect if you don’t want your matching outfits or accessories to steal all the attention as you walk down the aisle to say I do. Check out this couple that took color coordination to a whole new level! The bouquet’s and boutonniere’s are yellow and blue, but it doesn’t stop there! The ties, the vests, the bride’s shoes, and the bridesmaid dresses and shoes all match the color scheme!

brides bouquet with sunflowers and baby's breath


bridal bouqet

The pink roses in her bouquet match his boutonniere.

grooms boutonniere

His boutonniere matches her bouquet, but has it’s own flare and style so it’s not too obvious.

Where do we begin? Flowers can do anything you want them to. To start simple, your bouquet can match your man’s boutonniere. The boutonniere can match your necklace. Your necklace can match his vest, which matches your bouquet, and your earrings. Do you see where we are going with this? If you don’t want to overdo it with your actual clothes or accessories, add some flowers to the mix! Have the groom’s vest coordinate with your bouquet, or have your bouquet be different but let his boutonniere match your jewelry!

Reception Accessories

groom drink cooler

Such a cute idea!

bridal drink cooler

And so inexpensive and practical!

If you’re not satisfied with these examples of how a bride and groom can match, then wait…there’s more! It’s always fun to throw in some extra random accessories at the reception. From signs on the back of your chairs, to drink coolers that say Bride and Groom, you can sprinkle in a few extras here and there for fun and some great pictures.

Written by Corinne Noelle

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