6 Ideas For a Rustic Wedding and How To Take It To the Next Level

Rustic weddings are extremely popular and show no signs of going out of style. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to take your rustic wedding to the next level, look no further! These are our top tips to have that magical, enchanted woodland wedding feel you’re looking for.

1. Don’t Forget About Your Hair

bride hair do with flowers

A few flowers make any hairstyle pop

You might not think about your hair matching the theme of your wedding, but think again. Your hair do is an easy and impressive way to complement the style of your special day. All it takes is something simple like a crown of greenery, or a few simple flowers placed in your up-do to create a stunning visual effect to go perfectly with your wedding theme!

2. You Can’t Beat Burlap

Burlap runner with a lantern for wedding reception

Burlap Runners Are a Great Addition

Book with a burlap wrap

Burlap is the best friend of your rustic wedding. It can be used for everything from table runners, to signs, to silverware wrappers. The look and feel of burlap lends an earthy vibe and helps pull together a rustic feel for your ceremony or reception.


3. The Center of Attention: Centerpieces

Flowers inside a lantern are an unexpected and whimsical addition to your table design


 There are so many possibilities! Incorporating lanterns into your design creates a stunning look with tons of options. Lanterns complement any unique look and can be used with a simple candle inside or with some eye-catching flowers spilling out. You can also use wooden crates, different candle styles, and glass bottles to create a pleasing centerpiece.

4. Flowers and Greenery

wedding arbor made of flowers and greenery

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful flower arbor!

hanging wreaths with flowers

Hanging wreaths with flowers are always a nice touch

There is so much to be done with flowers and greenery. Try hanging flowers or wreaths at your reception to create a magical, woodsy environment. You can also say I do beneath an arbor of gorgeous flowers and greenery to really emphasize the enchanted vibe you’re going for!

5. The Wonderful World of Log Slices

log slice with a lantern for wedding reception with flowers

You can do anything with log slices!

Log slices open up a whole new world. They are just as versatile as burlap and can be used for nearly anything. From centerpieces, to candle holders, to table numbers, these incredible yet simple additions greatly enhance the appearance of any rustic design. You can even use them as a cake stand if you really want to take your look to the next level!

log slice used as a cake stand for wedding cake

6. Heritage Hall

rustic wedding venue

Heritage Hall is perfect for any rustic wedding!

rustic wedding venue


Nothing takes a rustic wedding to the next level like Heritage Hall at Legacy Farms. This is the best place you could ask for to use these ideas for a rustic wedding. This stable turned wedding venue is the perfect place if you want a ceremony or reception that feels like an enchanted forest. From the tree trunks that serve as support beams, to the walls made of wood, this building offers all the magic and style you need to have the perfect rustic wedding.


Writing: Corinne Noelle

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